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Pomote Water Softeners by Little Plumber
The Little Plumber

What's this about?

Little Plumber is the electronic alternatve to a salt water softener. It is sold online already throughout the world. Now you too can be a sales agent for no financial outlay whatsoever!

Am amazing popular product

Little Plumber is the electronic alternatve to a salt water softener. Essential in hard water areas where it’s clever technology removes and prevents limescale andmakes hard water softer,. Easy to (DIY) install, requires no plumbing , cheap to run with no chemicals, softens the water all round the property so you can still drink it.. 

A realy popular consumer product

MADE IN ENGLAND and guaranteed to work. All this yet so small it fits in the palm of your hand !!! The range includes models for all sizes of properties up to Multi floor Industrial units or Hotels. We have been successfully selling these units for over 15 years and offer not only a fantastic product but UK telephone support and a money back warranty.

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Earn money by promoting Little Plumber products on Facebook or elsewhere and earn decent commissions for no financial outlay whatsoever! That’s right it cost you nothing to set up. Just send us your details and we’ll give you your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE…tell your friends or share it on social media and they’ll get a DISCOUNT when they use your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE and YOU WILL EARN A COMMISSION AS WELL. (paid monthly direct to your PayPal account - or by cheque if you prefer) It really is very easy and involves no set up costs at all.  

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How it works

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This is all you have to do


Register with Little Plumber

Register you name and email address with us for nothing (we will not share your email address or use it for any other purpose) We will get back to you with your sales pack which will contain a selection of promotional images, a video link and also pre-written text for ads which will include your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE 


Start promoting 

Start promoting our great range of Little Plumber Products using your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE and the artwork and promotional links we have supplied. This can be via social media, you own website or blog or you may even like to try a leaflet drop in your local area. 


Earn £££'s

Await your first commission earnings at the end of the month. How much you will earn depends on the number of people you can reach. Remember that everyday people are already buying these great environmentally friendly products from us already and that's at the full price!

How this scheme works

By promoting our standard pre-prepared ads you tell everyone that when they order a Little Plumber product using your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE they will get a 10% discount off.

When we receive the order we will know it’s YOUR code and with for each sale you will earn a commission of 15%.

As an example.. if you sell an LP2 at £186 less 10% the person buying will pay £167.40 (inc VAT) The commission on this (nett of selling VAT) would be £21.00 so if you sell 10 of these a month you’ll get £210.00 and more if it is one of our more expensive Water softeners eg selling a LP4 would earn you over £150.00!)

This is an easy product to promote!

Most people in the UK live in a hard water area and our products are tried and tested. We make them and Guarantee they work. What’s more they are environmentally friendly as they dramatically improve the performance of boilers and water heaters by removing and preventing limescale.

If you’d like to try one yourself you can of course sign up, buy one using your UNIQUE CODE and ENJOY AN EXTRA DISCOUNT.

Don’t forget the more people you tell, the more you can sell.

Splendid Products Ltd started trading nealy 20 years ago and is still run by the same management team and the Little Plumber products are still hane made in the United Kingdom.

We require very little infomation from you to register. Just your name, email and contact number. Once we have that information we will send you all the artwork and text with links to enable you to start promoting LittlePlumbers along with your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE.

You will be free to promote the range of Little Plumbers wherever you like and using your UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE. Sales will all be processed by us and once payment is made we wil credit your name with the promised 15% commission which will be paid monthly to your paypal account each month.

If you wish we can also send you a cheque instead (min commssion earning of £25 required)


The sooner you register the sooner you can start earning. Remember that will we only be allocating one individual per area! To ensure speedy payments please advise if your PayPal email is different from the one above or if you wish to be paid by cheque

Any Questions?

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to call us on 01235 862540 and we can anser whatever questions you may have.

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