Social Networking Sales

You really can make money with Facebook!

Yes, if you can use FACEBOOK or any other social medium you can earn money by selling the LP range of products from your own Facebook page. With the networking possibilities your message could go viral and you could really be adding to your income on the commissions you make by selling Little Plumber.
And it’s so simple to set up and administer.
We issue you with a TRACKING CODE which is a code unique to you. The cost of issuing this code is free and you can aqcuire it over the ‘phone at 01235 862540 or by requesting one at
Now, anyone using this code when ordering will automatically get a discount at and YOU will also receive a COMMISSION. The code lasts for 12 months. You can use it on your Facebook page or anywhere you like and the more Little Plumber products that are sold through it the more you earn.
The TRACKING CODE will currently give a discount of 6% and a commission of 10% on the sale price of the products. So on the sale of an LP2 the customer gets a discount of £11.16 and you’ll get £15.50 (unless you are VAT registered in which case if you give us your VAT number we will add the VAT)) by way of commission. NO COMMISSION WILL BE PAID UNTIL 3 ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD after which time commissions will be paid per sale. Give it a go! Call 01235 862540 and ask for Gavin or send details to