Direct Sales on Commission

This opportunity is for people who have spare time and can market directly to the public.

Yes, if you have some spare time you can use it to promote and sell the LP range. The promotions can be:
2.LOCAL SMALL ADS (In local publications and in shop windows)
3.SELLING TO LOCAL GROUPS (Special offers to local schools,hospitals,councils etc)
4.TELEPHONE CANVASSING (Using local telephone directory)
5.PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS (In supermarket foyers,local fairs etc)
6.LOCAL MAILING (using local telephone directory)
7.SELLING TO SPECIFIC GROUPS (Special offers to groups and organisations such as
Police, Dentists,Farmers, B&B owners, Hoteliers etc.,)

1.  LEAFLET DROPS You will need to buy a number of promotional postcard size cards, at least 500. These are available by contacting  We will give you a TRACKING CODE which not only gives your customers a discount of but also is tracked to give you a commission.

All you have to do is distribute the cards with your TRACKING CODE printed on them and when your customer orders, they will get a discount  and we will also pay you a commission. Payment can be directly to your Bank or cheque.

To apply for a specific postcode area and a tracking code you should select which specific postcodes you are targeting so go to and having selected your postcodes contact us at

While we will always try to protect your chosen postcode by not having another agent in your chosen area this protection is entirely at our discretion and will depend upon performance.

You can also use your tracking number in many other ways. You can feature it on Facebook or Twitter or in any local or other advertising you choose. Simply make sure the tracking number is seen and what it offers ie:10% off all LP products and your customer will get a 10% discount and you’ll receive your commission.

To apply to become a sales agent contact