Direct Sales and Fitting to the Public

If you are a plumber, electrician builder or in general maintenance you might like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Although most retail customers can fit the LP units themselves, a good number require their units to be fitted. (The normal fitting fee for an LP1 / LP2 is currently (2013) £92.00 plus VAT.) The opportunity is therefore not only to buy the unit from us at a discount but also to earn an extra “fitting” fee if you install the unit. The overall profit you could make from selling and installing say an LP1 could be well over £125.00 at today’s prices (2013)

A competent tradesman can fit our units but must be able to differentiate between a VENTED and UNVENTED plumbing system. Most unvented systems will need just one unit fitted to any part of the cold pipe and a vented system will require at least an LP2 normally fitted in the airing cupboard in most houses or 2 x LP1’s. Commercial opportunities are also available for tradesmen who have contacts with appropriate personnel in Hotels, Offices and Factories.

LP units can also be fitted to COOLING TOWERS and SWIMMING POOLS.
You will need a voucher code to buy our product with a significant trade discount which you can order on-line at

The OLYMPIA units are also easy to install for a competent plumber and fitting charges are applicable here too.

If you are a legitimate TRADESMAN you can either purchase directly from us at a discount OR let us issue you with a tracking code. The latter code can be put on all literature or your web-site and will entitle the customer to a discount and you a commission. If you wish to buy directly from our web-site then again we can give you a VOUCHER CODE which automatically gives you a trade discount when ordering on line.

To take advantage of this opportunity complete the attached form and we will send you the discount voucher code. You will need to buy some of our promotional cards see pic below with your details printed on them. These you can order directly from us and pay with a credit/debit card.
500 x A6 (Postcards) overprinted with your name, address and tracking code
1000 x A6 overprinted cards  Please ask us for costs. All cards must be paid for in advance by Bank Transfer or Card. Here is an example:

This is one of many designs available overprinted with your details and personal tracking code.
These cards can be used for door-drops or as inserts in your local papers or magazines.
We can also supply you with a series of small coloured or black and white advertisements to use in you local Parish Magazines or Local Papers.

To apply to become a sales representative for Little Plumber please just send you details to us at